Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Shakshuka: A cheap, easy, filling Middle Eastern specialty

This stuff is pretty good, mostly for the reasons listed in the title. Granted, the recipe I used (the site is annoying, and I'm only linking it because I wouldn't have learned about this dish if not for it) is underseasoned, but with a heavy extra dose of spices, it should be pretty good.

Hard to go wrong when you start with onions and red bell peppers. Green bell peppers don't really exist here; we have something called piiman. Not... the... same.

Shiitake! Not traditional, but hey, mushrooms. Always a welcome addition, and they did work out reasonably well, though the stems did not soften up as much as I'd have liked. More my fault than the recipe's, though.

So happy together...

...and after a nice simmer with a few eggs, we have the final product. Pleasant, but as I said, needs more flavor.

I'll certainly make this one again, though. The ingredients are cheap, the process is easy, and it takes very little time to cook.

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