Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Homemade walnut butter: Easy and freaking wonderful

So here we have it... walnut butter! The first of my not-peanut-butter experiments in nutty condiment creation. Thus far: Excellent. I have a nice big batch of pecans on the way; this promises to be a long term shindig.

The nice thing about this sort of recipe is that you can basically just drop nuts into a food processor, and if you grind them long enough, they'll get to the consistency and spreadability of peanut butter.

This probably took about fifteen minutes total, more than half of which was spent letting the food processor cool down. Not because it necessarily needed it; more because I've burned out blenders before, and that's not an experience I particularly want to repeat.

Final product! I believe the fact that I've transitioned from using tupperware to jars for small amounts of this sort of thing indicates that my transformation from young man to old woman is nearly complete.

And here we have half an apple, sliced, surrounding a lovely dollop of almond butter. Flawless victory.

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