Friday, September 18, 2015

One final "thanks for visiting, have a nice flight" from Kai

Well, after looking into it at a friend's request, I might be eligible for a "designated activities" visa, which is often used for job hunting after leaving school... except Kai won't provide a letter that's required for doing so.

Their reasoning for this is because I'm "no longer a student." So apparently you have to get this from them when you're still a student, even though it's supposed to include your full transcript... so I'm guessing this is an excuse for not doing it rather than a valid reason. But the documentation is so sparse on this subject that all I really know is I need a letter from them, and they refuse to write it.

Thanks for the tuition! Don't let the aircraft door hit you on the way out. Anyway, not a great conclusion to my time at Kai.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

All-out Yakuza gang war, coming soon to a tabloid near you! Also, CNN...

Let the Yakuza gang war fearmongering commence!

I'm occasionally mildly surprised by the people and sources major news outlets will grant real estate in their publications, but this one is a little worse than usual. CNN decided it'd be a good idea to let well-known sensationalist 'journalist' Jake Adelstein to spout off about Japanese organized crime, despite his often-juvenilenotable history of complete fabrications.

The links above came mostly from a nice collection. One overriding thing to note is the lack of sources, and the lack of credibility when they're present.

In actual Japanese media? A warning that kabukicho, an area that's always sketchy, might get more sketchy. It could indeed be bad -- there is currently a big schism forming in the Japanese mafia's largest family -- but a full-on gang war spilling onto the streets of Tokyo seems just a bit farfetched when the worst we've seen so far is one quiet night with extra police and no incidents.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Definitive answers on what happens when you leave school/work/whatever your Japanese visa is for!

This should be simple, and it should be something everyone knows, but it obviously isn't either one of those things. Fortunately, it's something that's straightforward once you know where to look, and I confirmed it directly with the school (yep, I officially quit). This is good news for people who want to understand how your visa status is effected.